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Collective Menu

Chiswick Collective Menu is designed for groups of four or more and includes four courses designed for sharing.

House made focaccia, red onion, eggplant
Zucchini flower, goat's curd, lemon
Stracciatella, butternut squash, spiced onion
Fried spatchcock chicken, buttermilk, oregano
Roasted baby corn, dill, pine nuts
Barra-in-a-bag, pea, tomato, chervil
Choice of either:
Whole-roasted chicken, Autumn bread salad
Moran Family lamb shoulder, cucumber, dill, mint
Green beans, Glenora Farm leaf
Chiswick garden salad
Orange chocolate cake
Roasted pineapple, sorrel and lime

— $78 pp

— $35 pp with matching wines

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